If Mornings Make You Miserable, These Problem-Solving Finds Will Help You Get It Together

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Let's face it: Mornings are tough. Each and every day starts with the challenge of breaking up with our cozy, cozy beds for the day, and then all the challenges that follow of pulling ourselves together in time for work. The way your morning routine goes determines how the rest of your day is going to go, and if you don't believe us, just think back to that one morning when you hit snooze one too many times on your alarm, then stubbed your toe on your dresser, burned your hand on the frying pan while making breakfast, spilled your coffee, and to top it all off, couldn't find your keys as you were rushing to get out the door. Oh, and you forgot your headphones … on a day full of meetings & deadlines. Yeah, it sucks. While we couldn't be more excited for spring break (hello, tropical beaches, swimsuit shopping, & music festival season), there are still quite a few grumpy, caffeine-fueled mornings left before we get to board the plane or hit the road to a relaxing vacay.

Before you start spiraling into despair (as we almost may or may not have prior to writing this article), pause. Take a few deep, calming breaths, and listen up. We fully know just how much of a struggle getting through the foreday, and we wouldn't wish that anyone, especially you, bestie. That's why we've combed through Amazon to round up the very best problem-solving finds that will, in essence, make your mornings sooo much easier to get through without dreading the rest of the day. From shopper-approved bag organizers, wrinkle-releasing spray & bottle cleansing tablets to internet-viral hair-smoothing sticks & milk frothers, these finds may not magically transform you into a morning person overnight, but they will make the AM much less scary & miserable. And, hey, a win is a win.

Bottle Bright Single Pack – 12 Tablets

You know that water bottle sitting next to your kitchen sink, the one you looked at last night and thought, "I'll just clean it in the morning?" Surprise, it's still there when you wake up, and now you have an extra chore added to your list of AM to-dos. Worst case scenario, you take a day-old water bottle filled with yesterday's germs, and that's the water you're drinking all day long. Best case scenario, you pop in one of these handy-dandy cleaning tablets (which have 25,800+ five-star Amazon reviews, btw), let it stand for 15-30 minutes while you handle other morning tasks, and then rinse it out for a sparkling clean water bottle with minimum effort.

If you have time, we recommend taking a look through the wealth of before-and-after pics shoppers have left. There are also a ton of rave reviews written, including one that reports, "From a skeptic who never leaves a product review. My wife suggested Bottle Bright to clean a much loved 20 year old coffee tumbler. The dark brown crust inside defied scrubbing or cleaning with multiple products. I knew it couldn't work but after soaking overnight, it was clean as new. There is no scent afterwards and needs only a quick wash. Just saying the result was a sparkling clean doesn't do this product justice. My only regret is that I didn't take a "before" photo."


Kitsch Satin Heatless Curling Set

Roll out of bed with your hair 99% done & ready to go — that's exactly what this internet-viral heatless curling set is designed to do. It works while you sleep to form natural, bouncy curls without the hassle of a traditional curling iron or blow dryer. Not only will you be saving your hair from heat damage, you'll be saving time & money.

According to one Amazon shopper, "I've always strived for the perfect classic curls that can last all day long. This product has been a game-changer for me. It's so comfortable that I can even sleep with it on, and when I wake up, voila! I'm ready to go with beautiful curls. It saves me so much time in the morning. If i didn't get to sleep in it I put it on and drive to work, and by the time I arrive (which takes about 30 minutes), I have loose curls that last all day. Not only that, but it has also helped me style my curtain bangs perfectly."


Samnyte Hair Wax Stick

Similarly, if you're styling your hair and want to look put together even though you only had five minutes, this TikTok-loved & shopper-loved hair wax stick is a lifesaver. It's formulated with ingredients like castor oil, avocado oil, beeswax, and vitamin E that simultaneously smooth hair frizz & nourish your strands.

The wax stick has 27,100+ five-star reviews on Amazon, with one shopper writing, "I was skeptical but I actually really like this. I've tried pomades, gels, hair sprays, from drugstore to high end and this honestly beats them all. Tames my fly always without making my hair greasy, crunchy or a leaving a white cast (I have straight black hair). And I used it when it was very hot and out. Not only that but I can see this working for a lot of different textures. Bonus for there not being a noticeable scent."


Studio Oh! Guided Be Kind to Yourself Journal

With how fast our mornings (& the world) seem to move, it can be easy to get swept away and overwhelmed by it all. Taking a moment, however big or small, for yourself and practicing mindfulness each day can do wonders for your mental well-being. This guided journal encourages thoughtful reflection and helps you see things more positively, setting you up for a day filled with optimism & gratitude. Seize the day (rather than letting it seize you — you get the idea).

One Amazon shopper raved, "I absolutely love this journal!! It ask simple thought provoking questions!! If you answer them honestly you can set up a plan for the breakthrough you're looking for!!"


TailaMei Eyeshadow Shields – 120 Pcs

Powdery eyeshadow fallout that ruins your foundation, a smudgy cat eyeliner that ruins your eyeshadow, wet mascara that ruins your concealer with just one blink — there are a lot of risks that come with trying to get through your daily makeup routine. Avoid the stress & hassle with these nifty half moon-shaped stickers, which are made from medical non-woven fabric that's soft to the touch.

One Amazon shopper noted that these "Stick well without irritating my eyes." They added, "These are excellent for applying eye makeup. They're very sticky So it's best to stick them to the back of your hand a couple times before you put them in the sensitive eye area. They peel off easily from the inner corner out without causing pain and do a great job of helping me keep my eyeshadow where I want it to go"


Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Timer

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but that doesn't mean it has to be the most complicated. This breakfast sandwich maker cooks your custom sandwich in just five minutes and four easy steps. Plus, it comes with two slots for a second person, or if you're feeling extra hungry.

With over 18,300+ five-star reviews on Amazon, this sandwich maker is a shopper favorite. One wrote, "I was on the fence about yet another small appliance, but I took the leap and am glad I did. This thing is incredible. I really love it! There are cookbooks exclusively dedicated to this little machine. I purchased two, one for my husband and I, and one for our college age son. Not only does it make incredible egg based sandwiches, but you may expand your menu to include really good sandwiches such as Ruebens, barbecues, and outstanding grilled cheeses. It gets very hot so I wouldn't recommend it for children. Have fun with it…you'll be glad you did."


Ninja BC51NV Blast Portable Blender

If Mornings Make You Miserable, These Problem-Solving Finds Will Help You Get It Together

If you're more of a breakfast shake or smoothie type, this top-rated portable blender will give you stellar results with minimal mess and cleanup. Blend from anywhere you go thanks to the cordless design, and when you're ready, just stick the lid & vessel in a dishwasher or self-clean the blender with a 30-second blend cycle (with water & a drop of dish soap). It comes in six colors, makes up to 18 ounces of your favorite blends, and includes a hinged carry handle for easy on-the-go blending & sipping.

One shopper raved, "I really love this blender. I looked at quite a few and finally decided on this one. It was just what I needed for my powdered shakes. I can add a few pieces of ice and it blends everything quickly and easily. Best part is you can take it with you, it fits in a standard cup holder. Easy clean up and the charge holds for a very long time so you are not having to charge it every use."

$59.99AmazonreadStylish & Comfortable Spring Break Outfits From Amazon You'll Actually Want to Wear

Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Every second counts in the mornings (whether you're getting extra sleep or running late), and this bestselling cold brew maker with 51,100+ five-star Amazon reviews will save you both time and money without requiring you to sacrifice your daily caffeine. The leak-proof, airtight lid locks in flavor, while the ultra-fine mesh filter keeps grounds out of your freshly brewed pot. Plus, it's available in one-quart or two-quart capacities and three color options.

According to one reviewer, "We use our pitcher every day. We work from home and so we have the ability to make our own cold brew and its a godsend. Simply pour your grounds into the container, add water, and refrigerate for 8 hours and you have delicious cold brew! Compared to other products, this takes the cake due to the cost and the quality. Will be purchasing another simply due to the fact we drink a lot of coffee."


Zulay Kitchen Powerful Milk Frother Handheld Foam Maker for Lattes

From morning lattes to matcha to green juices to protein powder, this top-rated handheld frother/whisker with 160,300+ five-star Amazon reviews will open up a whole world of delicious, time-saving, and money-saving possibilities for your AM routine. It works on a wide variety of milks and even comes with a durable, convenient metal stand for easy access & storage.

One Amazon shopper reported, "I ordered this particular item, not knowing what I was getting into. When it arrived, I was astonished at how small it was; then I was astonished at how well it worked. I have very specific needs with regard to protein powders, and I was having trouble mixing them thoroughly enough. This little instrument did the job. I both recommend and would buy again."


Downy WrinkleGuard Wrinkle Release Fabric Spray

Maybe you decided to ignore the huge pile of freshly laundered clothes sitting on your chair before heading to bed. Or, maybe you found wrinkles in your only "professional" blazer the morning you're headed out to a big interview. Or, maybe you just found a random wrinkle in your clothes that makes you look just a bit less put together. Whatever clothing wrinkle-related trouble is ailing you and ruining your morning, this wrinkle-releasing fabric spray with 31.900+ five-star Amazon reviews has your back. As a bonus, it also eliminates odors and removes static.

As one shopper explained, "This product is a life saver when you're in a rush or otherwise don't have time to iron your clothes. The scent is not strong or overpowering. I feel comfortable wearing perfume even after I've used it. I usually spray the items I'm going to wear and let the wrinkle releaser do its magic while I focus on hair or makeup. I have, however, sprayed it on items I was actually wearing, and it worked just as great. I travel a lot, and I always have a bottle of wrinkle releaser in my suitcase for just in case. Highly recommend!"


Lexsion Felt Purse Bag Organizer Insert with Zipper

Instead of rifling through the dark abyss that is your purse for your keys, phone, charger, credit cards, et cetera et cetera, organize the mess with this top-rated bag organizer insert. Available in a range of colors, shapes, and sizes, this organizer is made from high-quality felt fabric and is equipped with all the pockets & space you need to maintain your peace of mind during busy mornings.

With over 15,300 five-star reviews on Amazon, it's safe to say this organizer is shopper-approved. One reviewer raved, "Life changer! I live out of my Lululemon bags and totes and this insert takes them to the next level. I now have compartments for my essentials without having to search for them at the bottom of my bag. I purchased the extra large and it is perfect for my totes! I also love the ease of moving it from one tote to the next. It also gives the bag support at the bottom so I can actually sit the bag down without it falling over. The quality is excellent and it looks like what should have been part of your tote to begin with. I am so happy with this item that I am sharing the link with all of my friends. Purchase it! You will not be disappointed."


Urroy Waterproof Shower Phone Holder

Catch up on the news (or your favorite show), jam out to your morning playlist, and keep track of time while showering by placing your phone in this cool holder with 3,600+ five-star Amazon reviews. It supports 360° rotation, and it's designed with strong adhesion that can support up to 4.5 pounds, according to the brand.

According to one shopper's experience, "Do not hesitate to buy this!!! I love to have YouTube playing in the background while I shower but couldn't find a spot to put my phone without it getting soaked. This solved all my problems! It stuck to the wall easily and has not come off since (I've had this thing up for months and shower once or twice a day) and it hasn't budged. The touchscreen works well and you can rotate it to either be horizontal or vertical. I don't find the sound quality to be diminished at all and have even had phone conversations while it was in the case. Seriously, this changed my life and made my shower such a luxury. You won't be disappointed!"


Toymis Mini Funny Positive Potato

Do you technically need this positive tater to get through the morning? Probably not. But, will it make the mornings less misery-inducing and even slightly easier to endure? Spud yeah! Come on, how can you stay grumpy when you see this adorable & sweet potato cheering you on?

One Amazon shopper appropriately called this the "Cutest thing ever," adding, "Had to have this when I saw it. For some reason is the best motivation and SO CUTE. So cute to the point where I emailed this picture of positive potato out to my team at work, and then they went on to print the photo, name it, hang it up, and buy their own positive potato for their desk. So great. Perfect little reminder!!!"


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